5 Ways To Boost Your Affiliate Program For Father’s Day

5 Ways To Boost Your Affiliate Program For Father’s Day

The next big seasonal event for affiliate marketers is Father’s Day. It falls on 17th June 2018 here in the UK (dates vary outside of the UK).

Americans on average spend $135 on gifts and a total of $15.5bn for Father’s Day while this increases to $186 and $23.6bn for Mother’s Day.

Source bbc.news


Although on average spending at this time is less when compared to Mother’s Day, it is still a key time for activity. So, boosting activity for your program at for this key date could have a significant impact on revenue.


Here are a few tips to consider.


Update Banners


I would always recommend updating banners every couple of months to keep fresh and align with your overall marketing campaigns. But, also adapting for holidays is key to building on the momentum of shoppers looking for gifts and presents. Uploading new creatives can bring the consumers attention to your best categories or key products that they might not be aware of.


Take the time to look at your historic data, both affiliate and non-affiliate to spot any trends that could prove useful when planning changes. Highlight a key product line that may have been pushed in PPC and converted well last year that you think might sell within the affiliate channel.


Feed Partners


Most feed partners will allow you to manipulate search results on their platform on a CPC (cost-per-click) model. This means increasing (or assigning) a CPC budget to key products for this time of year. It will subsequently make them more prominent in site searches, which will lead to more sales.


Commission Increases


Sounds obvious I know. But go a little deeper, analyse key shopping days in the lead up to Father’s Day last year and assign commission increases for those days or weeks. If you offer multiple delivery options, then grabbing last-minute shoppers could be key to beating your competitors.


Gift Cards


Not many affiliate programs offer commissions on gift card purchases. This an ideal time to discuss internally whether it is viable to do so. If so, then offering a smaller commission rate on gift cards could be a winner.


Publisher Events


As with most key shopping dates, there will be countless pieces of activity being planned by publishers. In advance, gather prices and opportunities from your key partners and align them with your budgets.


Assigning who gets budgets can be affected by numerous factors including:


  • Current performance
  • Greater focus on publisher category (e.g. content)
  • Performance last year
  • Onsite activity (do you have a sitewide offer or sale?)
  • Target audience group


I hope you found some useful notes from this that you can apply to your own affiliate strategy for Father’s Day this year.


Feel free to contact me if you have any questions at all.